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Gràcies un altre cop, Pere!

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simson11 ha dit...

Ah, I can see now that it was me who got things wrong. Sorry.
The figure is absolutely brilliant by the way, and certainly better than anything I could ever produce. If I employed him on my table he'd show up all my pitiable efforts and no mistake. To be honest the Colonial figures I'm considering are Peter Pig, but painted up for a long running (imaginary) NW Frontier game set somewhere between say, 1890 & 1900 rather than a (Sudan) African campaign. The campaign shown on my blog is really just a side show to get me "into" the 19th C. (like yourself I have no experience in the period).
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simson11 ha dit...

Hi William,
it was you who gave me the the hint to be more decisive about my colour mood in the first version. Thanks for that and your continuing interest.
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